Tyrese Goes Off On DJ Vlad, Brands Him Culture Vulture After Boosie Badazz Interview


Tyrese went off on DJ Vlad this week and called him a culture vulture after he and Boosie called him out in an interview.

Oh boy, it looks like Tyrese has had it with DJ Vlad and his VladTV. Tyrese took to Instagram in a now-deleted post to express his frustration after Boosie Badazz labeled him as “the most hurt person on Instagram” during an interview on the controversial platform. And let me tell you, Tyrese didn’t hold back.

He shared some receipts of Vlad actually offering him $10,000 for an interview. Now this is very shocking because it shows the underbelly of stuff that has been rumored for a long time. But, Black Ty posted DMs of the offer. The actor said, “Your a## is hurting because even after you offered me 10k, I turned down your corny a## culture vulture show…??????? Haven’t you used BLACK PEOPLE ENOUGH???” YIKES.

But Tyrese wasn’t done yet. He went on to question Vlad’s motives and requested the financials on how much he was making off BLACK CULTURE. YO, “He said ‘Culture Vulture Die Slow.”

Tyrese has gone through a lot and seems to suffer from divorce trauma. That’s hard. So far, Vlad hasn’t responded to Tyrese. But Tyrese joins a chorus of people such as Joe Budden, NLE Choppa, Top Dawg’s Punch, Royce Da 5’9 and the whole Nation of Islam. Will Vlad respond to Tyrese’s rant? We’ll see. By the way, Boosie has a very different view of DJ Vlad. Check out the other side of things in this interview.