Tyrese Expresses An Unpopular Opinion About Ghostwriting In Hip Hop


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like everyone doesn’t agree with “Black Ty”!

Recently Tyrese stopped by The Breakfast Club, and during his interview, he happened to touch on the touchy subject of ghostwriters in Hip Hop.

Rappers, emcees, and fans alike seem to continuously be divided on the subject.

It’s interesting and entertaining because some rappers, even some of the veterans from back in the day had ghostwriters. There are even rappers today that have ghostwriters, but it’s kept top secret.

I’ll say this, whether you have a ghostwriter or not, you still have to have some talent somewhere to be able to come through with, delivery, flow, style, cadence, etc.

Tyrese wants to know why it’s such a big deal to have ghostwriters in rap when every other genre, especially R&B, other people have written some of the stars’ biggest hits.

It seems like it’s just one of the unwritten rules of Hip Hop & R&B. With R&B you just have to come through and deliver with vocal talent, but in Hip Hop, you have to write your own bars to actually be considered one of the best rappers and emcees.

Tyrese says he doesn’t know why yall are so mad that rappers didn’t write their bars, when he as a singer didn’t even write “Sweet Lady”, and most of his other R&B hits. He says you can’t deny his gift, and he’s still getting the v##### off of the hits.

He even compared it to actors, as they don’t write the scripts, but they are regarded as great actors.

Are the rules in Hip Hop too harsh and too strict, or is a rapper actually writing and delivering his bars just what’s required to be considered in the top?! What are your thoughts?