Uncle Murda Claims Someone Will Die For Biggie’s Death Soon!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uncle Murda never seems to be afraid of controversy.

I mean all Biggie and Tupac fans still haven’t gotten over either rappers’ untimely death, or the fact that both murders remained unsolved. However, Uncle Murda is speaking like he knows something is about to go down, and or he may be a part of it.

“Somebody gonna die for BIG soon n-gga. I promise you that n-gga. Somebody gonna die soon. We getting our money up n-gga. Bang, Bang,” said Uncle Murda.

What do you think Murda knows? Most said he’s about 20 years too late, but is there an expiration date on revenge? Murda was probably just drunk and high. The other day he was eating weed, and I don’t mean edibles.

What are your thoughts?