Uncle Murda Says K. Michelle’s V##### Smells Again!


K. Michelle and Uncle Murda have been going at it for a while over Uncle Murda saying that her v##### doesn’t smell too great. Maino and Uncle Murda stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss their ‘Yellow Tape King Kong And Godzilla’ mixtape. Angela Yee wasted no time asking Murda about his previous comments about K. Michelle. Murda went in again saying,

“She got that stink coochie, I call it the K. Michelle sometimes I just speak what’s on my mind. I know people who did certain things with her. My man said it was not right.”

Murda said he wouldn’t say any names, but he said one of the people is a person he’s putting out a mixtape with (Maino).

K. Michelle clapped back saying,

“Owwwww #1 Let’s go. Keep promoting a mixtape off some p*ssy you ain’t never got. What you mad at me for? Dab to the paper. All the attention you seek in the world won’t help you matter.”

Dang what’s Murda’s beef with K? He said he’d still hit it though!

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