VERZUZ RUMORS: What Really Happened With The Rakim And Big Daddy Kane Verzuz!

Rakim and Big Daddy Kane

Rakim and Big Daddy Kane was a battle a lot of people wanted, but it was not meant to be…but why? New info tells all of the story.


Many people STILL  regard Rakim as the best rapper of all time. Personally, I think he is one of the greats, but I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s the best of all-time at this point. But, that’s not the point! He is the best of all time to some and to others he is not! That is Hip-Hop! And that is where these Verzuz battles come into play. At least recently, they have helped establish who is at the top of the pile. One thing is for sure, the fans are the biggest winners of all in all of this. I mean no shade to anyone with what I am about to see next.

It appears that Rakim decided not to battle Big Daddy Kane at the very last minute. Last night, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur went on IG live and it was crazy! The live produced a bunch of celebrities including Swizzzz aka Mr. Zone Zone Zone Beatz, DJ Wiz from Kid-N-Play, Crazy Legs from the Rocksteady Crew (he performed last night at Verzuz), and others as well. One of them was Charlie Mack, Will Smith’s former bodyguard, and an overall VIP. Charlie Mack is an interesting figure and he plays a critical role in Hip-Hop. Much of his role is behind the scenes. And this was no different! In the IG live, Charlie stated that he had been working steadfastly to get Rakim and Big Daddy Kane in that “ring” together. And, before Kane and KRS-One were announced, Rakim was all but confirmed. At the last minute, a mere two weeks from the announcement, the God of Rap pulled out of the Verzuz with Kane!

How could this happen!? The money was there and they could have easily made it more song for song than battle-orientated. I heard that Rakim recently said that he’s not a battle emcee like that. I agree, but he certainly is a lyricist. I can’t help but be a little bit disappointing because these guys really were two of the alpha male rappers that people pitted against each other. Now, that might be the reason why Rakim didn’t want to do it. But, we can’t act like he wasn’t one of the competitive stallions in Rap at that time. Kane and Ra were really the gold standards at that time.

No, I do not know who Rakim can go against if the offer even presents itself again. Wow.

Here is the live…go to the 1-hour, 18-minute mark for Charlie Mack’s part.

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