Victim’s Refusal To Snitch May Take Some Heat Off Suge Knight


Photo by David Buchan Getty Images

Craziness! The man who got run over by Suge Knight, and survived, testified in court that he would not “snitch” and help prosecutors put Suge in prison. Cle “Bone” Sloan was called to the stand during Suge’s preliminary hearing, and the prosecutor raised the topic of snitching. Sloan got emotional and declared he “doesn’t want to be used to send this man to prison.” He added, “I screwed up and Terry’s dead.”

It’s interesting that the guy who had broken bones from Suge running over him, is the same one taking the stand trying to take the blame for Terry Carter’s death, and it seems like he’s trying to take some heat off Suge Knight. However, Sloan is still admitting Suge did some terrible things to him in the first place by saying he won’t snitch on him.

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