[VIDEO] Chicago G Puts Money On Young M.A.’s Head!


(AllHipHop Rumors) These streets are tough. I mean, it was decidedly tougher back in the day, but maybe things haven’t changed all that much. Young M.A. is one of the hottest and most controversial artists out these days. And now she has become a target. First, there was Kevin Gates younger brother, who says the BK rapper took his $30k over a concert mishap. But, now there is something that has turned more serious with the young rapper.

King Yella has been offended over a line that M.A. rapped that seems to make light of the murder of Tooka. Those hittas from O’Block 300 killed him and Chief Keef rapped about it once. Others have mentioned it and the result was humbled apologies. So, it would seem that this is what Young M.A. will need to do. King Yella has put a hit on her, but there is a catch. He will only wants “d####” (his words!) to get M.A. and he put his money where his mouth is. I can’t believe this is happening and Young M.A. doesn’t even have an album out yet! And yo already know, they will record it. I would assume M.A. is going to get the army brigade with her everywhere now since I’d assume whoever does it could be anywhere. God Bless Us All. This is where we are in 2016.