VIDEO: FBG Duck’s Mom Gets Run Over Live On The Internet

FBG Duck Mama Duck

FBG Duck’s mother Mama Duck was reportedly run over by a vehicle driven by her mate. On Purpose.

FBG Duck’s mom and her baby daddy (or boyfriend) have the streets talking and it is for all the wrong reasons. The video depicts a crazy scene of drama. The live stream begins with Duck’s mom going back and forth in a heated exchange with her partner.

Eventually, Mama Duck’s man allegedly runs over her leg with a car. This sudden act of violence is insane and Duck’s mom screams in pain. In the video, Duck’s mom cries for help. Following the posting of the video on Reddit, it sparked an outpouring of concern from viewers who expressed shock and condemnation. This is violence against women and one that is trying to improve the conditions in The Chi.

Duck gotta be rolling in his grave!

Toxic relationships, B. This cannot be normalized or brushed aside! Emotional and physical abuse is real. I hope she can get the help she needs.