[VIDEO] Jadakiss Shows How Much Respect He Has For Cordae And Naomi Osaka!

Jadakiss is a nice dude, especially when it comes to Cordae and Naomi Osaka!

Jadakiss has risen to the top like only a few have in this pandemic existence we are in right now. But, now it is stepping up even more. Somehow, one of the grimiest street rappers came into the presence of dainty Naomi Osaka! Naomi Osaka is the peerless tennis star of the here and the now! Only Serena Williams comes close, in my opinion! Anyway, the two superstars came into each other’s graces and it was over the top and became a viral moment!

What’s funny is Jadakiss gave her supreme respect but also gave her boyfriend rapper Cordae his respect too. Jadakiss passed on a hug with the cutie out of apparent respect for Cordae, prompting all to give him respect for giving respect! And so there it is. Mainstream media picks up on it and it becomes a moment that is actually quite common in our community. I’ma at least get a side-hug!

She’s looking at him like…”Can you hug me?”

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By the way, I am still waiting for a new Jadakiss album because he can still do the unthinkable this year and give us some of that 1990s real hip-hop. We have a lot of rappers in the present day giving us that feel, but not the actual artists that were there. At any rate, let’s go!