Vince Staples Goes In On R. Kelly!


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s been a rough two weeks for these R&B cats!

It looks like Vic Mensa isn’t the only rapper who isn’t feeling the King of R&B, R. Kelly!

Vince Staples made it clear that he didn’t rock with the veteran R&B singer in a series of social media posts.

“This n-gga R Kelly is a fool Look at this n-gga. I can’t believe y’all call me weird. I ain’t never wore a super villain disguise & a headband,” said Staples.

When fans started to stick up for Kellz by mentioning all of the classic music he’s made, Staples went in even more.

“Since you love R kelly so much have him perform at your daughters next birthday party. No? Ok thought so … I don’t care if you wrote the Happy Birthday song if you pee pee on a 9th grade girl I’m never giving you a pass the jokes flying,” said Staples.

He also said,

“I’m curious on why yall care so much he clearly aint care enough if he pee pee’d on a child on tape. The man pee pee’d on his own furniture,” he wrote. “Look, I won’t deny the music y’all don’t deny the pee pee. Deal? Cool.”

Staples’ comments come after Kellz has been accused of holding women against their will in a cult. It looks like these accusations may really be sticking this time as several of his tour dates around the country have been cancelled. It’s ALWAYS something with R. Kelly. Carry on.

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