Did Wack 100 Admit To Getting Paid For Tupac Controversy?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Before the Tupac biopic hit theaters, everyone was wondering why Wack 100 had made so many disrespectful comments about the late rap legend.

Rumors began to swirl that Wack was on the payroll of those involved with the film, and that he was being paid to create chaos and controversy around Tupac’s name and legacy in an effort to make people run out and see the film in even bigger numbers.

People like G Principle even spoke out saying that Wack had to be getting paid, or that there had to be some kind of agenda in place.

Many still believe that if Tupac was still alive that Wack wouldn’t be talking all of that shhhh, and even if he chose to, he would surely get knocked out.

It looks like Wack has admitted to getting paid for his Tupac controversy antics on the ‘gram!

“All you dumb ass IG clowns stop hitting me about this 2 Pac sh-t the movie has come and gone all money bags have been collected by those that had em coming…. You n-ggas was just the ones that was used to created the bags…now IG that sh-t #West,” posted Wack.

He went on to say,

“Find something else to talk about this is old news bags secured #NEXT.”

What a time….. issa mess.

As you know the film has had mixed reviews with more negative ones than positive ones. The film did numbers, however, it’s looking like it ended up being a quick cash and first week record for those involved as the box office numbers dropped significantly on the second week.

It’s crazy how Wack 100 has no shame in being involved in a publicity stunt that threw dirt on Pac’s name though!

What are your thoughts?

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