Jim Jones Goes Off On Wack 100 Over Tekashi 6ix9ine

Jim Jones

Clubhouse had Jim Jones going HAM on Wack 100, but also trying to keep the beef at bay over 6ix9ine.

Last night was crazy. I am not super familiar with Clubhouse, but the app still gets people talking when folks get talking. Last night, I was alerted to a confrontation between Jim Jones and Wack 100. The truth is, that was not a confrontation at all. The headline misled me. What it was, however, was the New York City Blood Gang called Wack to the room and he did not enter it. I am not sure why he did not go in there, but it was intense. Jim Jones was on level 100, and in positive mode, in his own way. However, they made it really clear that Wack’s his energy is not appreciated.

For a bit of background information, you have to understand what happens. Tekashi69 and Wack did a three-hour interview and sit down where they talked about a myriad of things. I didn’t even tap into the conversation, and don’t even know exactly what was said. That really does not matter. 6ix9ine is a snitch and he disobeyed the laws of the life. And that is what was Jim Jones‘s position. He said a number of things but it is summed up to “We are not talking to snitches.” And you also have to remember that Jim Jones, in another conversation on Clubhouse, was maligned when Wack and Tekashi were talking. They were trying to say that because Jim Jones did not get in any legal trouble with 9 Trey, that he might be some kind of informant. And Jim was really upset about that. Maino weighed in and defended Jim Jones, without saying a lot. But he’s definitely riding for Jim. I’m sure the recording is out there somewhere, but I don’t have it right now.

Here are some of the comments Jim Jones said:

“F##k wrong with all these ni99as. Eat a d##k to all rat lovers!”

“He’s trying to bring down powerful Black men.”

“Everybody’s a tough guy on Clubhouse.”

At any rate, Jim Jones also established that he was in positive mode and that Wack 100 had energy around him that was counterproductive. And that is an understatement! He was going off, but also trying to keep other hotter heads cool. I only caught part of it so I’m sure there is stuff that’s not going to be included here. Other members have stated that Wack is no longer allowed to come to Brooklyn and, if he does…even want to meet with him to shoot the fade. Now I know that’s not going to happen, but certainly, it may. Billy removed the video. It is out there, but I won’t post it.

One thing that came out of that, that I thought was true, was verified. Wack 100 is married to a police officer. There were previous rumors that he himself was a police officer in the past, but they dispel that rumor. There is a very compelling picture that may just have been photo-shopped really well that shows Wack as a police officer in his younger life. Anyway, this is a whole mess and I hope it continues! Just kidding, but it was really something to hear as those guys went off.

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Hey! By the way, Wack 100 was in another room talking to young artists or Clubhouse. He had to know what was going on in the same app in another room with such a loud voice is speaking his name in angry tones. Why he chose to stay in the other room is anyone’s guess, but maybe it was business. I know that he is also a manager and spreads a lot of wisdom about the game. He’s really a smart guy as it relates to new artists and seasoned ones like The Game.