Wack100 Replies To J. Prince With Receipts

Wack100 shows that he had been working with J Prince on the Larry Hoover situation the whole time.

Wack100 And J Prince Go At It Online!

It looks like we have a real Mexican standoff. Wack100 had some unscrupulous dealings, according to J Prince. J Prince maintains that a lady conducted an interview with the infamous Larry Hoover. This interview was supposed to go to the family or some other place, but somehow it got over to Wack100. Anyway, I do not know what is being said in the interview, but the current efforts seem to be pointing towards monetization. They want to sell the interview to someone else.

Now, after a lot of back and forth, Wack100 has decided to unearth text conversations that say Wack has worked with J. Prince on this matter. ButI need you all to look at this video and tell me what you make of it.

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I would assume that, because we don’t hear from Larry Hoover often, this interview is valuable. I don’t know but the texts seem to say that the interview will lead to TV and Film opportunities. My assumption is also that it will create money for the Hoover family. Also, the narrative. We have not really seen the story of Larry Hoover told in the form of a movie or TV series. The narrative is important if they are looking to push for freedom.

All money ain’t good money!

Wack responded before, basically yelling at somebody we do not yell at. He is a loud boisterous guy that doesn’t bite his tongue for anyone, including J Prince. What will happen next is anyone’s guess I do not think that J Prince will continue to tongue wrestle with Wack because he feels he’s law enforcement. But more importantly, this interview. What is it about this interview that is creating such a fervor?

I have to be honest I am tired of all the fighting and disagreements and Beef within the Hip-Hop community. It seems like there’s nothing but chaos and confusion. I would love to get back to the music. We just saw Kendrick Lamar drop incredible visuals and an amazing song. And one day later, all this crap happens. Let’s get back to the music y’all!

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