Wait: Untouched Beyonce Pics Were Photoshopped?

Has B’s Damage Control Kicked In?

Is this a case of damage control or some internet BS gone wild? We chilled on the Beyonce pics, I don’t know why. I guess neither I nor Kubeez got to it. Anyway, here is the boomerang. First of all, the site of origin has taken everything down. I found that interesting and that immediately made me think that B and the gang had sicced their hounds to pressure them to take the images down. But NO…apparently that is not the case at all. It seems somebody is claiming they photoshopped Beyonce older with bad skin…


Now, I can’t lie…that sounds weird.

I also can say that if Beyonce had that face or that skin in real life, we would definitely know. I mean, for goodness sake, she and Jay Z are stalked everywhere they go and are examined like nobody in music. I’m going to say, as weird as it seems, I think this is probably accurate.

What I ain’t heard yet is an explanation or this:


I will say this, I have also seen several sites have removed this image. This is an artists clothing line and clearly a bad look for somebody such as Beyonce…coon clothing? NAH!