Waka Flocka Is Still Beefing With Atlantic Records


Photo via Waka Flocka’s Instagram

Waka Flocka is still unhappy with his record label, and is once again criticizing them publicly. B.O.B, August Alsina, and Chris Brown weren’t too happy with their labels this year either. Waka has been tweeting about his animosity towards the label since April. He sent out a series of tweets in October also. What upset him the most is the fact that he felt his label wasn’t backing the release of his ‘Flockaveli 2’ album. Waka previously stated that record companies can often delay or even derail a recording project indefinitely, leaving artists in the lurch. Waka even posted Atlantic Record’s telephone number last month asking his fans to demand his album. Well, at the end of the year, Waka still is not a fan of his label as he tweeted,

“I just wanna say F### my major label #AtlanticRecords.”

“F###### selling dreams”

“Roll one for me y’all.”

Poor Waka!