Waka Flocka Says He’s Broke!

Waka Flocka says he broke, but is he “broke broke?”

Waka Flocka says he’s broke. WHAT? I know that the pandemic is messing up a lot of artists, because their music is predicated on being outside – concerts, walk throughs, and other various things like selling drugs. I don’t know! Anyway, this is what the son of the great Deb Antney is telling people.

Waka Flocka recently opened ALL THE WAY UP (to quote Fat Joe) up about being “broke” during this damn pandemic. All of this stems from an ep of “Waka & Tammy”:

“If you don’t make money ma, technically, you don’t got money. I lost millions. I go back to zero every year, ma, and this year is not looking good.” ?

Wait a sec…clear this up Waka and he did.

“My broke, people say is they rich. But what I am gonna do is figure out new business ventures. I’m just goin’ with the wind, man. I’m going with the water, I ain’t goin’ against the ocean.”

Dude ain’t broke. He’s just not making money like he used to making.

I suggest comedy, because this is funny!

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