Was Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Miles Brock Always Known To Be Gay?


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was turned upside down recently when Miles came out of the closet and revealed to Amber that he was gay. Miles has seemed to act as if he was truly in the closet, and as if no one ever came to him about allegedly being gay over the years. Many who watched the show said that it was obvious early on. Rumor has it that a source close to Miles said that Miles has always been known to be gay, and Amber knew he was. Miles had been struggling with being openly gay and with being an openly gay rapper. His storyline and the fact that homosexuality has been taboo in Hip Hop even lead to VH1 airing a special called ‘LHH: Out In Hip-Hop’ a special about gays in rap. Some people seemed to have been more concerned with Miles being on the down low than his sexuality.

Miles Brock