Was Mo’Nique Allegedly Blackballed by Oprah & Tyler Perry?


Monique is all out of FREE.

Mo’Nique is breaking her silence! In fact, the veteran comedienne sits down with TS Madison. Of course, the candid conversation quickly becomes too juicy. So, is Mo’Nique allegedly being blackballed by both Oprah and Tyler Perry?

At the present time, the Hollywood truth-teller and Netflix are engaging in legal warfare. However, she is not at liberty to divulge too many of its details. Nonetheless, the established entrepreneur offers her keen insight. Overall, the issue centers on money, or the lack thereof. Why was she only offered half a million dollars? Whereas, Amy Schumer was paid $13 million.

The Result

Undoubtedly, MoMo’s problems keep persisting. According to the Queen of Comedy, the issues may go back to her involvement with director Lee Daniel’s cinematic smash, Precious. Actually, the film is a superb adaptation of Sapphire’s novel, Push.

As a matter of fact, for her uncanny portrayal of Mary Jones she wins the 2010 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Without regard, to the enormous amount of critical-accolades, somehow she purports that she gets blackballed. While sincerity wraps her words, she insists that since she declines requests for things which she was not “contractually obligated to do,” she unfairly earns the title of being, “difficult.”

Under these circumstances, the emancipated actress gives FOX Soul’s new show, “Turnt Out with TS Madison, an epic exclusive. Moreover, the self-assured thespian expresses her disappointment directed towards Oprah Winfrey. Furthermore, pertaining to her alleged blackballing, on her behalf, she claims the iconic talk-show host, “stayed quiet and said nothing.”

The Cause

Above all, the crux of her angst involves Tyler Perry allegedly dragging her name. She claims, “Tyler has actually told another director named David Talbert how difficult it was to work with [me]…” In addition to her sordid assertions, Mo’Nique presents even more poignant commentary.

For the most part, the celebrated comic contends that Tyler Perry is incapable of speaking on her professionalism. Not to mention, she also adds, ““Well, Tyler Perry you’ve never worked with me. We never worked together,” she continued. “When we did ‘Precious,’ [he] came on after we said ‘Cut; that’s a wrap and it’s over.’ “

Often, perspective shapes reality. Are Mo’Nique’s claims valid?