Was Tekashi Beat Up By His Own Security Force?

Tekashi 69

Tekashi 69 might have been beaten up by hos former security over money owed. Too bad George Zimmerman did not owe them money.

It’s looking like Tekashi69 was beaten up and pummeled by his security force. As previously reported, the people that beat him up were clearly past acquaintances. They knew him.

And then the Internet went and did its thing, and that result is his security team. Now, one of the guys has actually been identified in the vicious assault. And he is also the guy in the video that commands them to record him as he does the stomping on his alleged former client. He really gives it to him. I will say this, he got up. So, this was not a BROOKLYN mash out or anything like that. But they gave him enough of a message.

Now, the question is why? Why would they beat him up so viciously, personally, and publicly? There are a couple of theories out there, but the main one is Money. MOOLAH! It has been theorized over and over that he did not pay them and they got revenge. If you’re going to have security, it is important to pay them. They know who you are, where you live, and all the little particulars like where you go to work out. They probably know your schedule. So, it’s probably a good idea to pay these people because they’ve been inside your house and around you intimately.

Anyway, it is interesting that we are dealing with someone who has already worked with authorities. The word on the street is that the guy doing the stamping in the video did eight years in prison. I think it is likely that he could go back to prison, because we are dealing with someone who clearly works with the authorities in Tekashi 69. Also, how does this work with future security clients? I don’t think anybody is going to hire him/them, knowing in the back of their mind, he might beat the sh#t out of them!

I wish George Zimmerman owed them money.

What do you think?

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