Was The Jake Paul / Tyron Woodley Fight Fixed? Benny The Butcher Says “YES!”

Jake Paul

The internets have spoken and many of them feel the fix was in for Jake Paul to win big over Tyron Woodley! What do you think?

Was the Jake Paul / Tyron Woodley fight fixed? This is the question of the day!

Last night Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley had their highly anticipated rematch on FITE TV and Showtime PPV. And the fight did not disappoint. Jake knocked Woodley out in the later rounds of their 8-round fight. It was spectacular. But there is an undercurrent of people that feel it may have been fight and the undertow is strong!

Just check this out.

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I don’t necessarily think that it was fixed because I do not have any proof that it was. But I will say that we have seen a tremendous groundswell of complaints that have casual observers and ardent boxing enthusiasts complaining that this fight is not on the up and up.

And I think about it. I Jake Paul is a cash cow and has brought an excitement to boxing that we have not seen in a very long time. He has mastered the marketing typically affiliated with boxers like Floyd Mayweather and even Ali. The thing is, he’s nothing like them. He’s not even really a boxer! He’s an entertainer, a YouTuber and a former actor. And he entertains well. So for him to lose, it means a loss of revenue of tremendous amounts. The UFC is really rising up in the ranks as the standard in combat sports. Boxing needs a star. Jake Paul is rapidly becoming the FACE of modern boxing!

The way I see it this fly could be fixed.

Benny The Butcher definitely thinks it’s fixed and others as well. Check out what Benny had to say.

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For now, Jake Paul has bragging rights and has KO’d all of his opponents in boxing, none of which have been actual boxers. I had to throw that shade in there.