Was Young Thug’s Co-Defendant Trying To Set Him Up?

Young Thug

Did somebody try to set Young Thug up? He was given a Perc on camera in open court.

Something crazy happened in court today with Young Thug.

One of the co-defendants in the YSL case tried to slip him a Percocet pill in court today. The whole thing happened in open court and was captured by surveillance video. This was a literal “hand-to-hand drug transaction” attempt in open court, but Young Thug is seemingly off the hook.

The Grammy-winner has been hit with the RICO, but they are saying he’s just a label head, not a gangster. That did not stop a dude from trying to give him a Perc in court, which was a total fumbled attempt. Thugger apparently gave the pill to the proper authorities and was cleared of all wrong doing. I wonder if this was an attempted set up? The trial looms and I would imagine some of these dudes would do anything to get out of their mess.

Kahlieff Adams is one of Young Thug’s 13 co-defendants, but they allege he does not even know this dude. That did not stop him from being comfy enough to try it! Now he caught another case!

Here’s more of the report.

Sounds like Thugger didn’t have a choice in this. Anyway….what do you think?

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