Webbie Almost Dies On Social Media?


(AllHipHop Rumors) LORD. Rapper are going through it! Webbie is…well notable. The brother apparently and allegedly had a seizure ON SOCIAL MEDIA! I don’t know all that Webster is involved with so I am not judging him, but he goes through a myriad of emotions when all of this happens. He thanks the lord, chastises the haters, and tells people f**k is hair! All the while, the brother is getting a message from some lady. He also says he was about to have sex. Anyway. All of this allegedly and apparently happened on the way to the hospital. DAMN!” “PRAISE THE LORD AND THANK YOU JESUS FOR FOR NOW! FOR RIGHT NOW I DON’T CARE WHO DON’T LIKE ME! PRAY FOR ME! I DON’T CARE WHO DON’T LIKE ME!” Webbie yells! God bless this brother! He seems to have money, but also appears to be a bit “lost” or on “that other level” of the game. “I just need God,” he said. “I’m gonna have haters FOREVER! I just need God man. [God] just helps me through this madness.” Man, pray for him. I really think he’s a good man. Damn. This is sad and yet inspirational.