Wendy Williams Gets Some Good News That May Change

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams does not have to pay her ex-husband anything on the alimony side of things for the time being. But there may be a catch.

Wendy Williams has had a really rough time over the last few years. Most notably, her long-running, popular talk show is gone. Her health has failed her recently as well. And she and her gangsta papi ex-spouse is apparently still trying to get her…in her pockets!

According to The Sun, she got some good news.

The presiding judge in the divorce has decided to dismiss the latest demand that she pay Kevin Hunter more alimony. So, Wendy will be able to save a couple of her coins. There’s a slight catch. If she starts getting crazy money again, he’s going to be able to re-file at a later day. Nevertheless, this has to be a heavy blow for him. He did a lot for her but at the same time, he always seemed to be taking advantage of her. They were a team and he held her down for a long time. He kept the wolves off her. Real talk.

They may take this to mediation, which means they will negotiate how much she pays. “The parties are to participate in binding arbitration,” the judge said in The Sun’s report. “The issues surrounding the severance payments, and the QDRO [Qualified Domestic Relations Order] are disputed and therefore need to be mediated.”

Something tells me she will be paying at some point.

Wendy is a hard figure to reconcile at times, because her gossip hurt people. But, overall she was a force that added to the game.