Wendy Williams Has Her Eyes Set Back On TV?

Wendy Williams

People are exaggerating the retirement of Wendy Williams! She says she is back in an odd interview! Un-retired! Let’s gooooooo!🔥

Wendy Williams was the queen of daytime TV. Her departure has lead to a rise of several others like Sherri Shepherd and Jennifer Hudson. Both of those women are dope and have made their own way, despite the comparisons. Apparently, the once-retired WW is changing her mind.

In a recent encounter, Wendy was out shopping for “kitty litter” and the paps on the scene said it was quite bizarre. First of all, following somebody shopping for kitty litter is strange. Anything after that is going to be odd. In a chat described as nonsensical she said she was coming back to us.

The Sun reports Wendy said, “I’m shopping for kitty litter because I have a wax museum in Paris and one in California. I’m going for a week in Paris and then three weeks in California and then immediately fly back.” OK, well maybe it is a bit off. “I want to be on TV, stuff like Seth Meyers, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, The View. Stuff like that – I am formerly retired,” she continued.

Do you think she can make a comeback?

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