Were JT’s Lady Parts Showing At The Billboard Music Awards?

City Girls

People swear they saw JT’s private parts at the Billboard Music Awards. JT says they did not. Look and see for yourself. 👀

Was JT‘s thing hanging out? Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, much was made out of the private parts of JT from the city girls. She has shown up in the rumors a couple of times.

Nevertheless, she wore a stunning silver dress that was extremely low cut and as you know, the internets do not miss anything whatsoever. So some pervert decided to zoom all the way in to her crotch area and see what was going on.

I suppose they felt like they scored because it appears that maybe her vaginal region was on display. Personally, I just felt like I saw some black underwear and skin. Other people felt like they got a full view of her private area.

Nevertheless with everything that’s going on in Buffalo and the Ukraine and other mass shootings here domestically, this should be the last thing that dominates our thoughts. However, here I am writing about it. She basically disputed and refuted the notion that her private region was hanging out. She said that she was wearing black underwear and that’s that.

By the way, this is the same one rumored to be with Diddy. But that’s another rumor for another time!

She still a baddie!

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