What BreakDancing Might Look Like In The 2021 Olymipics: The Illseed Edition!

Turbo and Ozone

Turbo and Ozone deserve some Olympic love! So do so many more! Check out illseed’s take on it.

WOW! How cool!!!!! The International Olympic Committee FINALLY – after 45+ years of Hip-Hop – that our dance culture “break dancing” or B-Boying has been added to the 2024 Summer Games in Paris, France! This is amazing! You should know if you are on this site, that breakdancing (or breaking), represents one of the original four elements of Hip Hop culture. There are a few other new additions too – including skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing for the first time! Now, that I think about it, surfing has been around way longer than breaking…at least in a Hip-Hop context. The COVID-19 pandemic has jammed everything up.

Anyway, I am interested in knowing what the whole thing will look like. As you know, Black and Brown people started the culture here in Amerika and were breaking back in the 70’s and 80’s. Now, it looks like a very different “sport” if you will. I will not specify any culture, but it ain’t The Blacks. LOL! It may be, but I think others have come in and taken over that aspect of Hip-Hop. I am thinking “we” did not see the money in break dancing…We also “mastered it”…! Back in the day, if you couldn’t beat the New York City Breakers or The Rock Steady Crew…well what were you around for? I know I quit! I had two left feet!

This is how I see people in the Olympic in the upcoming years!

“Hi, guys. I am a breaker.”

“Let’s get hype and turn up! Buffalo girls go ’round the outside!”

“Yall ready for me?!?



“Is Crazy Legs proud of me? Where’s Mr. Wave?”

“Thank you, thank you!”

“I now depart you…with the bronze medal!”

The art of breakdancing was created by African-American and Latino youth in the 1970s. The street dance started in conjunction with the other Hip Hop elements of rap music, deejaying, and graffiti. Breaking would go on to become one of America’s most successful cultural exports of modern times.