What Else Does Joe Budden Have To Say After Being Attacked Over The Weekend?

Joe Budden was attacked over the weekend, but he claims there is more to things than a punch in the face.

Budden hopped on Instagram Live with co-host QueenzFlip after he was reportedly attacked in a NYC strip club over the weekend.

This is QueenzFlip – LOL!

He elaborated on what happened to him. He told us the basics, but he stressed that there was MORE. He would not allow IG to make that money, because it will only be see on the Monday episode of The Joe Budden Podcast.

He said, “Never believe the internet rumor. Ni##a popped back and socked me one time. But that’s all you gon’ get. I keep telling y’all, I eat a punch well. Now we gotta go. Now we gotta get it on. I don’t like this internet stuff. Don’t believe none of that.”

Joe looked fine, but does this this mean he is. There was no swollen eye, but is he ok? I don’t know how I would feel going out and multiple people either pull up or attack me. He seems ok, and I know he is used to this sort of thing career-wise.

As we reported, Joe Budden WAS attacked.

The rapper-turned-podcaster dispelled rumors of a New York City attack over the weekend, refuting speculation that he was involved in an altercation tied to his commentary on DJ Envy and Cesar Piña’s alleged “Ponzi scheme” real estate business.

On Sunday, one of Budden’s associates, Tony “The Closer” Robinson (who has been a thorn in the side of Envy and Peña), took to Twitter to address these rumors. He basically told everyone that Joey was unharmed. He said people were too quick to jump to conclusions regarding any alleged altercation. The Closer stated, “I just heard from Joe Budden, he’s fine, and some of y’all are overly excited to claim he was jumped. Celebrating altercations is not something we should endorse. There wasn’t a scratch on his face, and although he had a disagreement with someone, it certainly didn’t look like a situation where he was jumped.”

In another tweet, Mr. Closer clarified that the incident was unrelated to Cesar and his associates, emphasizing the importance of not believing internet rumors. Remember, Peña’s brother pulled up on Joe, but it was so weak that he got clowned over it.

Budden himself acknowledged the incident but downplayed it, but admitted that he had been punched during a night out in New York City. “Someone threw a punch at me, but that’s as far as it got. I’ve said it before; I can take a hit. Now, we can move on from this. I’m not a fan of this internet drama. Don’t put too much stock in these stories,” he said. Not a fan of “internet drama?” What Joe Budden is this!?

Then he poked the bear, stating his attackers needed to “send another one.”