What Former Bad Boy Artist Misses Diddy?


Photo via Mark Curry’s Instagram

Do you remember when former Bad Boy Records artist Mark Curry wrote his tell-all book titled ‘Dancing With The Devil’ in 2009? Well he now says he misses Diddy and Bad Boy. He had a short little run and appeared on some songs with the Notorious B.I.G. No one was really surprised when he released the book as beef with Bad Boy was nothing new. The book was supposed to outline the good, bad and ugly of his eight years on Bad Boy’s roster before leaving in 2005. Curry said the book was not a tell-all but instead a handbook telling the truth about two men and their differences. Tell-all or not, Curry said he was told he broke Diddy’s heart when he released the book. Curry stated that he wants to tell Diddy that he is actually sorry, and he cared about their friendship more than the book.

What are your thoughts?