What Happened To The KANYE WEST / Adidas “Deal”?

Where are the real reports that say Kanye and Adidas are back in biz?

What happened to that enormous, ground-breaking deal where Kanye West gets back with Adidas to sell unsold Yeezy merchandise? 

Last week, a lot of outlets reported that Kanye and the sports merchandise giant made something happen on the business front. One week later, we have yet to see a real report materialize in support of what outlets said was true. On top of that, neither Adidas nor Kanye West has confirmed that they are now working together to sell old merchandise that was trapped in a warehouse. We are talking about billions in revenue.

I’m thinking people ran with it because they didn’t have anything better to do at that time and somebody decided to continue to run with it until it got to some of these rap blogs. Nevertheless, I think Adidas is willing to take the big hit and loss in revenue, and restructure deals around it to get it back. For example, there have been rumors that Jeezy is working with Adidas now. Again, I don’t believe there’s any factual report that says this is true. What I find to be interesting is that you have people on both sides of the coin, some of which I agree with working with Adidas and others that say we should not. Business is business, so I don’t even care.

However, if you feel strongly about it don’t support. I would not hang my hat on Kanye West for any reason though. I will say this “he’s very quiet now “and truth be told, that is a good thing. Hopefully he’s getting back to some basics like music and being creative maybe that girlfriend of his is a positive thing!