What Is Troy Ave Saying With This Comment…Casanova Related?


Troy Ave seemingly takes a shot at Cas….

Troy Ave and Casanova have no love lost between the two of them. I really didn’t know why these guys continue to have beef but that’s exactly what it is. So, Troy has been kicking along for quite some time since that shooting incident at Irving Plaza in New York City. That is the same thing situation where he claimed self-defense and somebody died. From what I understand, that legal situation is ongoing. It doesn’t seem like it because we haven’t heard anything about it recently but it is still going. Anyway, the Internet peeped some comments that Troy had to say about Casanova, who is incarcerated – ALLEGEDLY! He does not say his name, but refers to some of his slogans…”we outside” and such.

Troy Ave
I am sure you already know they hit Casanova with the RICO!
Meanwhile Troy Avenue is out of jail for now and people are critical of him, I believe because he’s what they call “talking.” But, he is really just claiming self defense.
However, talkin and Living by it is two different things.
So what I’m saying is, Troy Ave has made it his mission to proclaim the streets is a lie. And that is what he’s living on, so him being a law-abiding citizen NOW, changes the dynamic a bit. I’ve never quite known him to be so crazy in the streets anyway, but it seems like people treat him like he’s that guy. I don’t know!
It’s all a little silly to me regardless but him and Casanova do you have a legitimate beef and Troy Ave even made a song about him, and before that Taxstone. So he’s not throwing rocks and hiding his hand in the comments of Instagram he’s actually showing his hands! Meanwhile he has been pretty quiet with Casanova as of late. He was doing a little too much talking on social media, for someone who is really outside through pandemics and all other sorts of street situations. So I’m hoping whatever needed to get handled, got handled! Shout out to Casanova, hold your head up and push your way through