What Will Nore Do With This Wu-Tang Fam Situation?


What does NORE plan to do as he has offended the deepest sects of the Wu Tang Clan?

For some reason, I don’t think this is the way to leverage bad publicity into good publicity. But that seems to be exactly what Nore plans to do. In the midst of a huge controversy, Nore has upset what are known as “Wu-Affiliates” but I am going to call them Wu Fam! They are upset because in a drunken interview with Mickey Factz, Nore called them all flunkies, and then Shyheim, Sunz of Man, and Killarmy were name-checked. This clearly did not go over well.

Dom P, 9th Prince, Killah Priest, and others came forward to chide the former CNN-rapper of his misdeed. Now, DJ EFN and Mickey Factz issued apologies almost immediately, but they were not the main offender. They were like the Co-Deez! They also had drunkenness as an excuse. Nore committed the more egregious act of disrespect. It has been pretty apparent that there is an element of danger here. AND YET…Nore has yet to apologieze. And, people want him to just end it by saying sorry! He ain’t done it yet…but the brand posted the following.

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Drink Champs gets together Friday at which point we will address the misunderstanding concerning the Wu affiliates. We won’t let any media source, blogger or social media turn this into something it’s not! #drinkchamps #positiveenergy#wegiveflowers

Wait. We LOOKED at the VIDEO and saw NORE call the so-called Wu-Affiliates “Flunkies” and laugh heartily. There was no context to that other than disrespect. Now, they were drunk…I GET IT! I don’t think there was any ill-intent…BUT you said what you said, bro! I am almost sure he is going to apologize on Friday…OR ELSE. These guys ain’t playing.

Mickey gave his apology.

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I know the Clan is LIT right now!



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