What’s The Real Deal With Donald Trump And Covid-19?

Donald Trump

America’s Donald Trump and The First Lady have coronavirus, but is there something else at work here?

Donald Trump got Da Rona! And his wife Melania Trump does too! What do we have here today, and what does it mean in the grand perspective!?

At face value, it seems like all of Donald Trump‘s recklessness has come to a head, a really BIG HEAD. He has refused to wear a mask, held large scale events absent social distancing, and joked Joe Biden for not wearing a mask just this week in the presidential debate. The ghost of Herman Caine is smirking. So that leaves us with some questions. Why are they telling us the truth now?

Herman Caine

Personally, I think they have had the Rona already and have not told anybody. Obviously, I have no proof but that is just a hunch! What we do know, is that at least a few days ago Melania Trump did have coronavirus and continued to travel. That’s right, folks, Trump continued to tour despite knowing he had coronavirus! He came right into New Jersey! Donald Trump is failing us, America. But let’s go further.

Just this week, Donald Trump blew the debate in such a major way that the polls dipped insanely! He is losing! On the other side, Joe Biden saw his biggest fundraising efforts right after the debate, breaking the previous record that was sent when he asked Kamala Harris to be his vice president. Second of all, Melania Trump was found to be bashing our beloved Christmas holiday, separated families, and other classless stuff. (It was a setup, but that’s the game!) It sure doesn’t paint her in a good light where she seems to be a helpless victim of a draconian oligarch. She seems, and admits, that she is just like her husband. They are in this together. She is a Russian insurgent right in the White House! Let me stop before the Alphabet Boys come to my door.

So while this seems to be a conspiracy theory, there appears to be a reason behind the full disclosure that white folks president (my president is Black) and first lady have coronavirus, COVID-19, and Dat Rona! It appears to be a plea for sympathy, deflecting the onslaught of bad press, or maybe just to blow the whole election completely because he is losing.

What do you think?

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