What’s Wrong With Yung Joc? His Hair Takes On New Life!

Yung Joc cut his hair up in the image of Tupac and the internet has mixed feelings on it! Look and judge!

This is the era of “attention” and that is more important that money in some instances. So, if you are able to get a lot of eyeballs, you are rich in today’s market. I am not sure what is going on with Yung Joc, but he’s acting like a young fool these days! But, we are talking about him, and he is winning. I should have known better, because he was misspelling “young” EARLY.

ANYWAY, on Biggie’s deathday, he breaks out online with this:

Come on, dawg!

You’re 40 years old and letting people draw Tupac in your skullwith a mini-afro? On Biggie’s big day!? I am calling disrespect! I know he’s from Atlanta and probably does not care about B.I.G. at all, but still!

What do you think about this in general?