Where’s 6ix9ine Been? Rapper Says He’s Back, Shows Off Insane Display Of Wealth


6ix9ine returned to social media to show off his insane wealth by showing how many Birkin bags he bought for a group of satisfied young ladies.

Hip-Hop’s most colorful snitch has emerged from his hiding place. If you were wondering where 6ix9ine has been, he is back outside and it seems safe for him to be outside scurrying around NYC again even though his own lawyers can’t ever find him.

Upon his return, he came bearing gifts. The cheese-biting “Stoopid” rapper took a trip to the illustrious Privè Porter boutique. His music may not be as popular as it once was but he’s still flexing big stacks of cash and buying Birkin bags for the ladies.

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In a clip posted to his Instagram, we find him shopping with close to a million dollars in cash. He came prepared to spend $300k on 13 Birkin bags which varied in colors, like his hair. After displaying his wealth on the floor, he made it a point to emphasize, “this is not Chanel, man!”

Drake recently rewarded a group of strippers with Chanel bags. Perhaps this was a shot at the 6 God. Looking directly into the camera 6ix9ine boasted he was ready to rumble while exclaiming the “king of NY is back.”

Shockingly, it almost felt like the old 6ix9ine. All we needed to hear was him yell, “Treyway.” Oops, the self-proclaimed king of NY snitched on his loyal subjects, and he can’t really utter the phrase.

His giving heart remains as he showed the bill for the handbags totaling over a quarter million dollars. He then gave the bags to a woman celebrating her birthday. Her friends got bags too.