Who Called Young Thug A “Sexy Cockroach”?

Young Thug

Young Thugs gets called out of his name…

These cougars gotta stop! Now as a man that loves women, I find Vivica Fox attractive to this day. And back in the day, she was even hotter. But, we have to stop calling each other out of our names because it’s racist-y. You would never call the white person a cockroach, would you?

So, the sexy Claudia Jordan asked Vivica Fox if she found Young Thug attractive. Aunt Viv responds: “you know he’s like a good sexy ass cockroach.” Now we know he looks about as sexy as a crack head in a wedding dress.

She continues on to say that he would look like a great animated character, like Lil Wayne. Here’s the thing, I get what she’s saying and I understand it and I receive! Basically, she’s really saying that he’s ugly and that is OK because he is. So is Wayne! So am I! Wayne looks more like a gremlin than a cockroach, and therein lies the problem. I don’t know where you guys grew up but I grew up in an area where you could actually live with some roaches! I’m not feeling calling a Black person a roach! It reeks of self-hatred and racism! I’m going to need her to do better with her descriptive words! Think of another animal or even bug that he might look like! Why not a manatee or platypus? 🤣🤣🤣

As you might assume, it is a very light day for rumors and news so I am struggling right now! I’m gonna leave this right here and move onto the next weak story.

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