Who Exactly Is Meek Mill Talking About In A Rant About Not Getting Paid Off Music?

Meek Mill says he isn’t getting paid ANY money by the music he creates….but how? And who!?!

This is a proverbial fork in the road. Meek Mill is not that kid with the nappy braids, not the “dreams and nightmares” guy or the one that beefed with Drake once upon a time. This is the grown man Meek!!! Grown man Meek is probably thinking retirement, his portfolio and revenues of income! But, the made a bold claim on social media that is certain to stir up the POT! He said he is not making any money from music!

This ain’t Dirtbike Meek!

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Honestly…I wanna know who bro is talking about. Lets continue before we come to that conclusion. But. Meek said on twitter of all places that he needs lawyers. I am not saying he does not know the difference between a lawyer and an accountant. Lawyer – to me – suggests he is ready to make some sort of legal manuevering to get his back royalties in order. An accountant – to me – is going to be able to find that. The lawyers get hm the money! Here’s more.

And there’s more.


I am not sure how to say this, but it seems like he’s talking about Rick Ross! You already know the internet will have something to say! I didn’t see Ross on Meek’s new albums Expensive Pain either, so I am thinking he’s going in another direction creatively as well as life-wise.

It is like Meek let everybody in his house without taking their shoes off!

This one took me out though.

The Rozay Gif!

And just like that: we out!

Hoping Meek Mill can do his thing AND stay cool with Ross. Not sure if that is possible.