Who Is Casanova Talking To With His Latest Message From Prison?


Casanova 2X sends a sharp message to people not showing love.

Casanova is going through it right now! I feel for the brother, but we know what it is when you go up north. But let’s get right into it. Casanova should’ve known what it was when he was outside, you know? I’ll never forget seeing him and his crew outside when coronavirus first popped off and he was talking stuff like it was cool. He had already gotten past a couple of instances that could have landed him in jail but he chose to stay outside. It has been a relatively short period of time since he win in jail, but he keeps sending these messages on his social media commandeering people to come visit him. He’s asking them to check in on him and send him money!

I have never done anything like he’s doing, or been through anything like he’s going through, but I always assumed that when you did your time you did it standing up with your back straight without complaining. If you did complain, it never got to people like myself. Take the rapper Loon for example! Or Bobby Shmurda! Those guys did lengthy bids and we really didn’t hear anything about them or from them, other than their legal maneuvers to get out of jail. Other than that, they were pretty quiet.

In looking at the comments under Casanova‘s most ALL CAPS rant, he really seems to need a friend and he’s like angry. If I knew Casanova, I would go visit him! I would even send him money if he was my friend or blood relative! But, he’s not. He’s actually a rapper of high notoriety and popularity. He knows a lot of people with a lot of money, and I can only assume that he is talking to somebody specific. So who is Casanova talking to? First of all, he’s managed by Roc Nation! And if I Google him, I see pictures with Jay-Z. Could he be talking about Roc Nation and Jay-Z? I really don’t know, but he said “and that goes for anybody,” which kinda says “bar none.”

Other than that, he’s cool with people like Fabolous, and a bunch of other people that I can’t quite name at the moment so it just seems like he’s talking to them. I do wish she would get off of social media and send them a letter specifically so that he can clear this up. If he needs visitation, he should be able to get that from those he is loved by. At the age of 34, I personally would love to see him but not on the social media so we can love him as the Brooklyn savage he was before going behind those walls.

Hold ya head bro!