Who Murdered King Von? Who Dissed Him Right Before His Death?

King Von

King Von’s death already has rumors! RIP King Von!

First things first: rest in peace King Von!

The young lion was cut down in Atlanta last night after an apparent altercation at a hookah lounge. The details are all over the place at the moment, but we do know a few things. One, he was in an altercation with Quando Rondo, who is a rapper down with NBA YoungBoy. Somehow or another, a fight or altercation broke out and two people ended up dead. Two other people were shot but are allegedly in stable condition (not sure if this is fact). That was what we heard first thing this morning and subsequently were told that King Von was one of the deceased. His manager was also shot but is alive, so maybe he can give more info on this as he improves

This might just get messy!

The word on the street is undercover police shot Von on accident, along with Quando. Not sure if that matters when there is a That is the word. It also should be noted: Asian Doll and Jania (NBA YoungBoy’s baby mama) both were messing with Von so it’s going to get messy! This is just crazy!

Another thing. Lil Wayne had recorded a King Von DISS song and it dropped but just yesterday. It was deleted MOMENTS after word of Von’s murder was released.

Just last night Von was doing interviews and living his life and today he is dead!

26-years old.