Who Will Busta Rhymes Verzuz With?

Busta Rhymes is looking for somebody to Verzuz with, but who can it be? KRS-One? Missy Elliot? Who?

For the longest time, people have pondered who should battle with Busta Rhymes? There have been numerous incarnations of this conversation. Remember for a second, Bussa Buss called out T.I. for a battle and Tip brushed it off. It got super tense with those two. But, in T.I.’s defense, their entry in the game has about 10 years difference. You guys know Verzuz, now owned by Triller, regularly turns away potential Verzuz battles, right? I do not know how active Tim and Swizz are at this point, but they definitely have declined on some battles I thought would be hot. Also, now that The Lox/Dip Set battle has changed the tone, we are in Hip-Hop mode for real.

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KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane have set up their own Verzuz, but I guess the powers that be are not interested in that one. In their defense, most people want Kane and Rakim. So…some have mentioned RS-One and Busta. I think this is good, but I know they are selling this to wide audiences, not only Hip-Hop. Also, some have lumped KRS-1 in the old school category, but he is still out here killing it! Busta’s career started in the early 90s but reached a high point last year when he dropped ELE2. I think Verzuz is looking for a Busta match-up, but bro really has no peer. Seems like Missy Elliot comes up a lot, but you then lose that hardcore Hip-Hop bout we know they want. KRS-One is perfect, but I suspect they want somebody more “pop” right now. Luda and Redman have already done one and some of the others are rappers that do not have the long-term relevance like Busta.