Who Won? Drake And Meek Not Done? TAKE THE POLL!

Drake Meek….It Ain’t Over…

Lets get down to business and then some rumors.

OK, who do you think won? Meek or Drake?

Now, here are some of the rumors to go forward into the night. First of all, my sources tell me that Meek Mill already has another diss ready to drop on Drake. Now, being honest, Meek’s recent reply left much to be desired after the first listen. BUT…here is the deal. I am hearing that that was just the first one. Meek apparently has another diss on the way that will be released in the next day or so. AND, I hear Drake has another one as well on deck, which I already figured. The point is, it ain’t over yet…especially on social media.

And then here is this: savemeekmill.com.


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