Who’s The Father? Is Young Dro Taking On Daddy Duties For Love & Hip Hop’s Joseline’s Unborn Child?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Ummmmm we are still surprised that Joseline Hernandez is going to be someone’s mom.

As you know, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Stevie J & Joseline have had a very turbulent relationship to say the least. The on-and-off again couple go from fights to make up and break up almost weekly.

One question that has plagued Joseline and her pregnancy lately, is: who is really her baby’s daddy?!? Is it Steeebie? Is it Young Dro? Is it some mystery man?

Some days Stevie J claims he’s not the father, other days he claims to be there for Joseline as the best father possible.

In interesting news, whether or not Young Dro is actually Joseline’s baby father, he has vowed to be there for both her and her child.

Dro is a pretty entertaining character himself, so we wonder is he stepping up, trolling, teasing a new storyline for the season or a storyline for Joseline’s delivery special???? Hmmmm we wonder.

Young Dro and the strippers were present at Joseline’s baby shower, while Stevie was not though.