Why Is Eminem Ignoring The Outsidaz?

Did The Outz Treat Eminem Like Crap?

So…I don’t know if people care about this, but I think I am going to speak on it anyway, the best way I know how. So, you know that Eminem got down with The Outsidaz way back in the day, right?

Here are a couple of their songs:

Here is the Pacewon song dissing Eminem. I don’t know when this was made.

Here is another one Pacewon recorded and it is clearly old.

ANYWAY, somebody tipped me off to something, but I don’t know its its true. He said that The Outz weren’t all that good to Eminem and perhaps that is why he’s no longer messing with them. Back at that time, the Outz were pretty hardcore, they were regarded as one of the illest, particularly if you factor in Rah Digga. At any rate, The Outz are going all out at Eminem at this point, down to claiming Eminem stole THEIR style and ran with it. Anybody know anything more to this? I think we need to get at Pacewon and Young Zee and see what’s really going on.

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Here is “Dear Shady”:

I don’t know if I can totally rock with this rumor, especially since Eminem just thanked The Outsidaz on his last Shady album that nobody seems to like (I haven’t heard it).

Here is “Fine Line,” where Em shout out the Outz at the end.

And for good measure…click here for “You’s A Hoe” – a new diss.