Why Were The Raekwon & Ghostface Battle Numbers Down?

Ghostface and Raekwon

Raekwon & Ghostface had an epic battle, but the numbers were low.

My Saturday was amazing. I sat in front of a phone and watched a battle between a pair of titans. Rae and Ghost! Raekwon and Ghostface of the Wu-Tang Clan stepped up as brothers and battled for the people. This was the first Verzuz battle as Triller is now the owner of the brand created by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. Let me say: this is not a hate post, but just an observation.

The battle was incredible, but they hovered around 100k on IG, give or take a few thousand people in either direction. For me, it just did not make sense that these two greats are only getting that many viewers. I did not check the numbers on Triller the same way I did not check when they were down with Apple. Anyway, lets discuss possible reasons why.

  1. It was spring again, to quote Biz Markie. The battle happened on the first day of Spring 2021 at 8pm on a Saturday. This means that on the East coast, people were still out and about enjoying the weather. And in the other areas of the nation, it was even earlier! Nobody was really on there computer and scared of Covid. The weather had an impact!
  2. I just said it, but the days are longer and people are clearly sick of Covid. Their battle took place during spring break and people are going mad in the streets. I know that these gents don’t necessarily resonate with spring breakers, but I am sure there is some impact. I think people are dying to get out of the house.
  3. The Apple effect. Apple did a considerable amount of marketing and promo for these battles. They may have lost some of the steam, because of decreased promotion. They got a lot of press when the company was sold, but that may not translate into viewers.
  4. It might just be TOO HIP-HOP! When they did the battle, they were picking JOINTS! If you were not from the rolling 90s era, you may have been lost in the sauce!! It was an awesome battle for us “heads” though.
  5. There is no 5th. I just want to say to keep up the good work!! That was a great time!

Here is the full battle.