Will There Be Another Attack On Chief Keef Accuser Ramsay Tha Great?


(AllHipHop Rumors) To be honest, I’m worried about this kid’s safety.

Well Chief Keef if you didn’t do it, or whether you did it or not, this would be a great time to drop some new music.

So as you know, producer Ramsay Tha Great has accused Chief Keef and his crew of breaking in his home, robbing him, and beating him pretty badly.

Ramsay is certainly not in line with that garbage azz no snitch policy, as he’s told it ALL.

According to Ramsay he explains that he feels like “Black Lives Matter”, and people shouldn’t be upset with him for reporting the crime. Instead he feels like folks should be upset with Chief Keef for kicking down his door and beating him with an Ak-47.

People will do anything for fame these days, so despite Ramsay obviously being beaten pretty badly with visible bruises, I still feel like there’s something he may be leaving out. I don’t want to say he made this thing up, but eh something is definitely missing.

Anyway, you know people love to milk a press run, so Ramsay recently appeared on TMZ. When they asked him if he’d been receiving any other threats from Chief and crew, he said someone wrote on his Instagram that he’d better shut up before they break his other arm.

I don’t wish bad on anyone, but I think things could get worse for this kid, and they could end badly. Chief said he was done beefing with folks, so let’s hope everyone just moves on.