Will Boosie Have To Have His Foot Amputated?


Rumors are Boosie may lose his foot after being shot.

First of all, I wish you all would sit TF down. The rate of Covid-19 spread is insane and Black people are dropping left and right! We are dying out here, but it doesn’t seem to motivate people to move differently. We are seeing more and more Hip-Hop artists get attacked and, even murdered, for nothing. Nonsense! Lil Boosie aka Boosie Badazz is one of those rappers that was attacked. I guess he is lucky to be alive.

There may be another side to that, and his quality of life by be altered somewhat. From what I have been told,Boosie may have to have his foot amputated after he was shot. Big dog Boosie was shot. Dallas was the place and Saturday was the day. The rapper was riding around the hood in a sprinter van by Big T’s Plaza. Now, I know no good can come from being around a plaza with a name like that. Boosie was shot in the leg, which sounds like a simple thing to the gangsta. But it is not…not when you are a diabetic and a cancer survivor.

I am hoping this isn’t true. But the word on the street is that doctors may have to take his foot. I think getting shot is more complicated than most of us think. Generally, we breathe a sigh of relief. But If you hit the right spot you can bleed out or if you have the wrong pre-existing condition, you can straight have issues like Boosie allegedly has. Prayers for him…BUT STAY HOME!!!

I think God will save the foot. I hope this is a lesson for him. The good news is Boosie is saying he is doing ok. “I’m good. Appreciate all the happy birthday wishes and get well soon wishes,” he said.