Will Busta Rhymes And The Leaders Of The New School Reunite?

Epic Busta Interview!

busta rhymes ice-t mick benzo
Did you know that Ice-T has a crazy dope Podcast called Final Level with Mick Benzo? Yeah, the podcast is dope and he has exceptional conversations. The last interview he did was with Busta Rhymes! In the interview he talk beef with Jimmy Iovine, his tenure on Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records, his coming up and so much more! But…he mentioned really fast that he’s looking to do something with them again in the future! What does this mean? I have already heard some rumors…but what could it be? You may not know it, but those guys had some serious beef back in the day that prevented them from working to gather for decades. It wasn’t the “Im’a kill you beef,” but they just couldn’t f**k with each other like that. The podcast is long, but very worthy. Check it out below.