Will Diddy Be Managing Tekashi 69?

6ix9ine may have just gotten the biggest lifeline a rapper could ask for!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Will Diddy do it? There is a powerful rumor that Diddy may be taking the lead on bringing Tekashi 69 back to market. This has been the million dollar question for so very long: WHO AND HOW? How got sort of settled earlier with reports that Tekkie had managed – after snitching and in prison – to secure a deal worth a reported $10 million smackeroos! We we all suspected THIS would happen once you start throwing around large sums of money…you know people get on board.

So, there is Diddy who is not hurting for money in any way that we know of. And he’s completely good at what he does. He’s a true master! You can check his credentials! He is one of the few people that could possibly be a conduit for 6ix9ine to return to the mainstream. 

The other question is how? I find it hard to see that Diddy won’t suffer some collateral damage if he would associate himself with somebody so linked to snitching! Diddy is OG! He’s not really that type of dude, in my opinion! What I do know is that Diddy has been through all sorts of hell that we can not really fathom as “normal” people.