Will Fans Ever See A Long-Awaited Beyonce & Rihanna Collaboration?


Photos via Rihanna & Beyonce’s Instagram

Will fans ever see a long awaited collaboration between Beyonce & Rihanna? It would’ve happened already we would think. A TMZ cameraman caught Rihanna in the airport and commented on the fact that L.A. Reid recently revealed that Beyonce called Rihanna a beast, and this statement and belief helped Rihanna when she was getting signed. The cameraman asked Rihanna would she ever do a song with Beyonce. Rihanna shrugged seeming to say she didn’t know. There have been rumors for years that the two didn’t care for each other. Maybe Bey never got over the rumors about Jay Z cheating with Rihanna. Last year, a publicist that was once hired to promote a Rihanna track admitted that he made up the whole cheating rumor and scandal out of desperation to get publicity for Rihanna’s song “Pon De Replay.” The fact that the two haven’t collaborated does make you scratch your head. Never say never; it could happen one day. Is this what the people really want? Do you see it happening in the near future?