Will Kendrick Lamar Be Extra Pro-Black This Time?

Will Kendrick Get Radical?

Kendrick Lamar has hit us with a pair of songs that evoke esteem and unity in the ears of his listeners. That was “i” and “The Blacker The Berry The Sweeter The Juice.” What happens after that? Nobody really knows, but there is some chatter going on. Before we carrying on though, I have a theory, which could be wrong. I think the released that ‘i” as a tester. They got all the good looks in the licensing area and made a crapload of money with no album. Now, here comes the album. The album is rumored to be a pro-Black effort that is going to come out from a far more nationalistic state that before. For a minute there folks were thinking that Kendrick was going to try to get really corny. That’s not the case. In fact, the word is trying very hard to straddle that line between commercial and his real artistry. Hey…word is…dude is going to come out pro-Black.

The new Public Enemy?

A lot is on the line here and they know it. We are supporting.