Will Kendrick Lamar Bring The “Pop-Out” To New York City?

Kendrick Lamar

New York City wants some of that California Love and some think it is time for Kendrick to pop out and show the city what he’s got.

I am nice with these rumors (message to illseed). You cannot chatGTP this. And I’ve got another one, but I don’t know if y’all are ready for this. There’s a rumor, and I do mean a rumor, that New York might be trying to bring Kendrick Lamar and his “Pop-Out” to the city.

Again, this is just a rumor, but some are saying that specifically, the Bronx may be interested in bringing Kendrick Lamar to the city for a show. What kind of show? I don’t know. However, there are some things we can speculate on. First of all, Hip-Hop’s anniversary, August 11, is on the way. Some may not agree with this date, but we’re going with it.

On another note, New York Hip-Hop has some issues with gangs and violence. Violence is down in the city in general, but we still see there’s an issue that needs resolving. (For the record, gangs or street tribes are nothing new to New York City, but Bloods and Crips are fairly recent.)

Thirdly, I think Kendrick Lamar is bringing the heat and energy we’re all looking for. More than enough people saw the Juneteenth celebration. It was super positive and inspiring to a lot of people. For others, it gave the same energy that Jadakiss brought when The LOX battled The Diplomats. There’s no time zone on it so…maybe next Juneteenth?

Some local politicians have PUBLICLY mentioned bringing the Compton King to New York City. The way I see it, this would be amazing! (I have given several hints so far, by the way.) On the flip side, some might look at it as disappointing because the city has not seen a lot from its kings or queens. 50 Cent is in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Nas is doing some stuff in Queens, but it’s not concert-related. Jay-Z is performing for Tom Brady and other billionaires. And Diddy is embroiled in a legal battle that rivals Epstein. New York, we have a problem. That said, it’s all love, and I think Hip-Hop would be better if K. Dot brought his “Pop-Out” to the city so we could all pop out. Pause.

What do you think?